Consulta sobre nuestros planes:

– 30% de rendimiento anual, pagado de manera trimestral.
– 40%de rendimiento anual, pagado al final del año de contrato.


Road Safety Projects

Shareholdings in road safety consortia in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and soon in Paraguay.

Renewable Energy Companies

Society in Leading Company in the Solar and Photovoltaic technology sector in Latin America.

Logistics Companies

Shareholdings in Platform (APP) Delivery qualified as a leader in innovation and growth in its segment.

Information Companies

Company in the Leading Corporate Group in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data management and services.<br />

Industrial Sector Investments

Investment in a physical plant for the production of inputs for the energy sector<br />

Gastronomic Franchises

FAST FOOD commercial premises.

Crypto Asset Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities (Farms)


Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities (Farms)

Investment Units

Capital markets stocks New York Stock Exchange

Index Derivatives Stock Market

Commodities Asset Market (raw materials)

Cybertech Coinbase Crypto Asset Market

Crypto Assets Arbitration

Forex Currency Market